The Best Bluetooth Headphones 2019

Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are a special kind of wireless headphones that use Bluetooth technology to receive the audio signal. Headphones are a terrific way to listen to music, as well as to the sounds of television programs and music. Wearing headphones means that you can listen to the music as loud as you want to and not disturb anyone else in the room. You can watch your favorite action movie and not bother others with the sounds of car crashes and explosions. Headphones also have superior sound quality and are a much less expensive alternative to a speaker system.

And wireless headphones provide a major advantage over wired types…freedom. Wearing wireless headphones, you can move about the room, even dance without getting tangled up in wires. You can also leave the room and not lose the music. Headphones provide you with your own private listening space so you can really lose yourself in the sound.

Bluetooth Headphone Advantages

Over other types of wireless headphones, Bluetooth technology have some important advantages.

Good listening range

Bluetooth headphones often have a maximum range of about 300 feet. You can listen to the music from your home stereo in any room of your house. So you can do some cooking in the kitchen, finish some household chores, or work in the garage and continue to listen. You may even be able to go out into your yard and do some gardening, or lay out in the sun and have the music with you.

Great battery life

One of the advantages of Bluetooth technology is that it doesn’t use much power. That means that you can listen for a really long time before you have to change the batteries or recharge the headset.

Endless connectivity

Bluetooth was designed to work with mulitiple devices at the same time and to make it easy for manufacturers to incorporate wireless technology into their devices. More and more devices come with built-in Bluetooth. That means that you can purchase one pair of headphones to listen to music from your cell phone, personal music player, PC or Mac Computer, and your home stereo. And after a simple setup, it is easy to change from one audio source to another. Bluetooth devices “find” each other automatically.

Two way communication

Many Bluetooth Headsets have microphones built-in so that you can talk on your mobile phone using them as well as listen to music. Most cell phones are configured to stop the music playing and transfer the call to the headphones, and then start playing the music again when the call ends. This makes it easy to privately listen to your music and not miss an important phone call. You can also use these headphones for computer chat and Skype.

Total Freedom

Because Bluetooth technology uses little power and is included in more and more devices, you can take your headphones anywhere. More and more MP3 music players are Bluetooth enabled, and for units that don’t have it built-in, a tiny dongle can be added. With your digital player in your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase, your Bluetooth headphones are entertaining you with great music, audio learning programs, podcasts, or digital books wherever you go. And there are no wires to get caught or tangled.

Here are some ways to enjoy your Bluetooth headphones

Portable Music Players

Listen to your digital MP3 player or iPod (adapter required) with wireless headphones.

PC or Mac Computer

Stream music, podcasts, inspirational programs or other audio files from your laptop to wireless headphones.

Mobile Phones

Motorola Droid Bionic Cell Phone

Experience the music stored on your mobile phone without needing to plug in, and without annoying wires.


Stream your favorite music from your phone or personal music player to a Bluetooth enabled car audio system.

Home Entertainment

Enjoy the music from your home surround-sound system without unsightly wires and cables.

It’s only a matter of time before you’ll look at movies that have people using wired headphones the same way you look at 80s movies when people are talking on a house phone attached by a cord to a wall. The freedom to listen to music and video, and make phone calls wirelessly will change the way you think about working out, getting things done around your house, and catching up with an old friend on a call.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the best bluetooth headphones in each category for almost every purpose, if you want to make the switch to wireless headphones or upgrade from what you already have to free yourself from your devices, you’ll find the perfect pair for you below no matter what your taste.

Top Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $200

Top Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $100

Top Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $50

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