Best earbuds for small ears

Best Earbuds-Buyers Guide

If you have decided to purchase a set of earbuds, you probably already know there are literally hundreds of models available. Sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed with too much information, making the selection process difficult. The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the types of earbuds available, describe some of the features that that are commonly offered and distill some of the confusing terminology that one encounters in reading product literature.

I was surprised when I first started to familiarize myself on earbuds and earphones. Replacement earbuds are sometimes available for fewer than five dollars, while audiophile phones can cost several hundreds of dollars. In my opinion, many models of earbuds costing greater than about $15 can provide a significant upgrade in performance, durability and comfort over the phones that come with iPods, iPhones and mp3 players.

Cheap Earbuds

There are times when purchasing a set of economy phones makes perfect sense such as for children who are generally hard on such delicate items and also have a tendency to lose things. Also if you wish to have a set dedicated to exercise or to wear while doing yard work, you may want to consider an inexpensive set. I would caution against purchasing a $3 pair because the build quality in this price range is suspect, and usually will not operate for more than a few days without breaking. I would suggest an expenditure of $10-$12 could net a serviceable pair of phones, though the audio quality and comfort will probably be lacking. The best way to determine the durability of a particular set is to read the reviews of owners at a website dedicated to offering earbud information and reviews.

Earbuds for exercise

If you are looking for a set of earbuds to use during exercise, there are a few unique requirements to consider. Many people in a gym environment like to freedom that a set of wireless or Bluetooth headphones offer. The freedom from having to deal with wires is certainly appealing. The downside to going wireless is that the wireless format adds a layer of complexity to the music system. Instead of directly piping the music to your phones through wires, the signal has to be transmitted from the source (usually a Portable player such as an iPod), and this signal has to be picked up via a receiver integrated into your phones. There are limitations regarding the distances and obstructions this type of system can overcome.

A third option and one I happen to prefer, is to use a micro-player such as an iPod Shuffle, along with a headphone set that will accommodate the player onboard. Since these players weigh only a few ounces, the additional weight is hardly noticeable, and there are no wires to restrict your exercise activity.

iPhone Earbuds

The one obvious feature needed here is a microphone integrated into the headset. Many manufacturers offer a version of some of their popular models with a microphone added. In many cases the model number is the same except a suffix letter such as “M” is added to the models with a microphone included.

If you plan on using your earphones predominantly for listening to music, I would suggest making the final selection based on the audio quality of the earbuds. If telephone use is heavily anticipated, be concerned with such issues as microphone clarity, microphone volume adjustments, and ease of initializing and terminating calls.

Earbuds For iPods and Mp3 players:

For those looking for headphones for the primary purpose of deriving maximum enjoyment of listening to music, in my opinion, there are two primary considerations. The most obvious attribute is that the earbuds should reproduce the music in a manner that is pleasing and non-fatiguing to the listener. Needless this is a very subjective, and is subject to personal opinion. Different models of iPod earbuds are known to cater to different portions of the frequency range. So if you are a base lover, look for a set that is known for representing the base frequencies well. Of course the audiophile purist is looking for accurate reproduction across the entire audio frequency range.

A second consideration, and on that is equally important to the listener is comfort. No matter how well a set of earbuds perform at sound reproduction, it is all for naught if they are uncomfortable to wear. Most of the moderate and high-end earbuds will include several sizes of earbud tips in order to offer a personalized fit for the user. The performance of most earbuds is dependent on a tight seal between the tips and the ear canal. Needless to say if it is too tight the sensation is not pleasant for most users. Here again it pays to read reviews of the different earbuds on your short list and pay
particular attention to complaints regarding this issue.

Whether listening to music or making calls, in-ear headphones are popular accessories in everyday life. They are particularly acclaimed for their small footprint while providing good insulation against

Headphones are generally the best way to listen to music. But in everyday life, the intra-auricular can be more practical. They do not damage your hairstyle (do not laugh, everyone has already experienced the “bar”), are light, pass unnoticed and slip easily into the pockets. Whether listening to music or playing sports, we have selected quality products that should satisfy you. surrounding noise.

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