Best Portable Record Player

As one walks down memory lane, there comes a time when the record players were the talk of the town and to date listening to favourite tunes from a portable record player is a good way to pass time. The portable record player is an updated version of the classic. It incorporates the charm of the yester years with the quality features found today.

Even though a majority of music today is listened to on the digital devices and MP3 players, vinyl records do not follow a similar obsolescence path which the eight track tapes and cassettes follow. A recent survey carried out by e-Bay which is the auction giant found online, revealed that it sells over three million of the vinyl records in a year. Since collecting vinyl is a good way of having a piece of the past, most of the vinyl collectors are driven into the activity because of nostalgia.

A vintage record player is classically designed with a simplistic appearance and it mimics the streamlined, clean stylings of the classical automobiles. From its illuminated and sleek centre dial to the grill side chrome mounted speakers, the vintage record player is a display of beauty which takes one back to the days when the diners and drive ins were the centre of attention.

In most cases record players were clunky and large and it was difficult to carry them around and because of this the portable tape based devises become more popular. The attempts to make portable cassette players began in around 1979 in Japan and the first model known as the walkman was introduced by the Sony Company

The portable record player came as a solution for the record players. It adapts the vintage concept and is light to carry around so one can enjoy favourite music even while travelling. Although it is small in size the portable record player has the sound similar to that of a turn table.

With its balanced and dynamic tone arm the portable record player is durable to be played at whatever location and is also strong and this helps it to resist the pressures that come with its aggressive usage.

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