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Despite all their goodwill, conventional HiFi and home cinema speakers can hardly reproduce the lowest frequencies. Those that are found in numbers on the soundtracks in the context of droning, explosions, earthquakes and other aircraft crashes. These are the laws of physics: to reproduce at home this type of sound, you have to move air, a lot of air. Only large, properly charged membranes that are generously powered in watts are capable of doing so. Some very large high-end loudspeakers certainly have these capabilities, but we are talking about exceptional products far removed from the financial resources of most of us. Also, in general, the most obvious solution, the most economical is therefore to add a subwoofer to its system.

From the interest of “.1” in a Home Cinema

On a multichannel soundtrack, there is always a channel dedicated to sound effects in the bass and subwoofer, frequencies that you feel more than you hear. This is the “.1” of a 5.1 or 9.1.6. It is also called “LFE” channel for Low Frequency Effects. This mono output is for the subwoofer or subwoofer. It may be doubled to allow you to install two boxes. Most often, it is only a simple doubler outputs. However, on the most advanced home theater amplifiers, it is possible to independently adjust the two outputs, and therefore two separate boxes.

Regarding the connection on the other side, the subwoofers have either a LFE mono input or a conventional stereo input or both possibilities. The LFE input must be used as a priority when it exists. In the case of a stereo input, the mono cable can be connected to either the left or right input. Sometimes only one of them is adapted, but it is then clearly written.

Different technologies for the same goal

The design techniques of the subwoofers are the same as those of loudspeakers: closed or vented, dispersion forward, backward or downward. The membrane dimensions of the woofers used range from 16.5 cm to 38 cm in diameter, even a little more. But it’s not just the diameter that counts. The very design of the woofer is important: membrane materials, coil diameter, maximum travel capabilities of the moving equipment. Boxes having a passive radiator, that is to say a non-powered and non-powered loudspeaker membrane, are also encountered. It moves in concert with the active woofer membrane to multiply the emitting surface and thus the theoretical sound level.

All these combined possibilities give subwoofers with significantly different results. However, the goal is the same: to reproduce the lowest bass frequencies, with the highest possible level, all with minimal audible distortion. Some caissons go down lower, some get more noise, others are drier than dragging, and vice versa.

How to choose a good subwoofer?

The subwoofer is the ideal device to live and listen in depth music or movies. Also known as a subwoofer, the subwoofer becomes an ally for more good sound. To learn how to choose this speaker, find the tips and selection criteria in this buying guide for the best subwoofers 

Purchase guide

Box Power and Speaker Diameter

When browsing the price comparator, know that the power of the box is one of the main features of such equipment. This power is measured in Watts RMS. Logically, the higher the power, the more the subwoofer will be able to support the extreme volumes. A little advice, it will be careful to choose a power that will not be too high.

Make a statement of your needs and buy accordingly, do not necessarily seek to gain maximum power. Along with the power of the box, the diameter of the speaker is also important, because it is it that brews the air and returns as much as possible deep bass.

To have deep bass, it will be necessary to have a diameter of loudspeaker large enough. For use at home, choose a membrane of 16 to 30 cm in diameter. Make sure that your speaker is not bigger than the rest of the other materials for more natural sound.

Active box and passive box

First, you have to know the difference between an active box and a passive box. The first is a speaker with a woofer and an internal amp that actively filters high frequencies. This box therefore allows only the extreme low. This is the most suitable model for home use for home theater. To do this, it will just power on 220V sector.

The internal amp of the active box adapts perfectly to a loudspeaker and that is what constitutes its main advantage. The passive subwoofer is a speaker rather dedicated to professionals for external use such as concerts or outdoor cinemas. It consists of a wooden case and a woofer. No internal amp is integrated. Continuing on our article, you will also find where to buy a new subwoofer.

Design and weight

How to buy a subwoofer for better value for money ? Just follow the advice above and add the touch of design and practice of the device. To perfect your home theater, head to a compact and simple design subwoofer. For more practice when moving or for installations, take subwoofers with feet that ensure good stability of the device.

Do not neglect its weight, a light enough subwoofer will always have the advantage of being installed as you see fit. If it is heavier, it will be more difficult to install on heights.

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