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Buying an audio interface depends on many different things that you need to be aware of before choosing your model: what are your requirements for the quality of your recordings? What additional hardware do you want to use for your home studio? You need these and many more information to help you find the perfect device. You can not go wrong with our recommendations! These devices not only provide phantom power for condenser microphones, but also many other useful features that help beginners find the right workflow. Get started now and choose the perfect audio interface for your claims on


Not only large and well-known manufacturers of products for the multimedia world now have their own audio interfaces in their portfolio, but also numerous smaller manufacturers offer their own models. There are a large number of producers with different price levels and target groups – we show the most important manufacturers and the most well-known devices.


While a USB audio interface in the true sense is just an external sound card, there are now a variety of different additional features that are found in products in every price range. Among other things, these improve the quality of the recordings, the usability or the work flow. We show the most useful features on our platform.


When evaluating the individual devices, we rely not only on our own experience and know-how, but also on customer reviews and reviews from people who have already had experience with an interface. We pay particular attention to a good price / performance ratio, so you only pay for what you really need.

we not only test our own products and introduce you to new or very special models, but we also show you how other buyers have rated individual devices. This is the only way to gain a qualified and comprehensive insight into the world of audio interfaces and make a purchase decision in good conscience. These interfaces have been rated particularly well by buyers on Amazon and are also in our opinion suitable for your home studio.

How much does a good audio interface have to cost?

Beginners always ask themselves the question of how much money has to be spent on a high-quality audio interface. This question can be easily answered: Beginners get for less than 300 ¬ already excellent equipment, while ambitious users for a (semi) -professional Home Recording Studio should spend up to 600 €. In this way, the quality of the recordings also meets the expectations – we help you to find the right model for your home studio.

What is an audio interface anyway?

An audio interface is an external sound card that is often used in (home) recording studios and provides an interface between peripherals – such as microphones – and the recording computer. There are a variety of different designs and models from different manufacturers from around the world, which differ mainly in their connections.

The most common type of audio interface is a USB audio interface, a device with a USB port, which sends the data to the computer via this connection. Inside the model is, inter alia, an A / D converter, which generates digital signals from analogue input signals, as they come from XLR microphones, and then delivers them to the studio computer. This converter is the heart of the interface.

An audio interface is the interface between the microphone and the computer

Over time, more connections have emerged, such as FireWire or USB 3.0. In addition to the connections and the individual metrics of the A / D converter, the various products also differ in their built-in additional features and functions. Many of these functions are aimed at improving the recording workflow or increasing the quality of the recording.

On you will find a topical selection of important audio interfaces and devices for your home studio. We will not only show you how to increase the quality of your recordings, but also how to find the perfect WorkFlow for you.

Audio Interface Test

With our great audio interface test we show you which devices are suitable for your home recording studio. Since the market situation has become quite confusing due to the many different manufacturers and product lines for newcomers, it is hardly possible to make a good purchasing decision without obtaining comprehensive information. We help you to choose the right interface.

In addition to various portals on the topic of audio interfaces, our network also includes projects on the subject of microphones and recording. Our goal is to be able to provide you with comprehensive advice in the field of home recording and to be able to present you a selection of high-quality products with which you can achieve the quality you want. Inform yourself so comprehensive and find the right equipment for your needs!

Your guide to the home studio

Above all, a home recording studio costs two things: time and money. That’s why it’s even more important that you engage with the topic. In addition to reading test reports and comparing individual models, this also includes consulting high-quality adviser information. And this is where we come into play for you – on you will find a great guide to Audio Interfaces in Home Studio, which shows you everything you need to look out for.

If you are interested in a USB audio interface or a FireWire audio interface, we offer you the information you need. Of course, you’ll also find plenty of tips and tricks in our blog that can improve your recording quality. In addition to introducing different accessories, you will also find tips on how to make your setting more efficient and how your recording environment becomes a professional environment. Get started now and get exactly the equipment you need.

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