How to connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC?

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to the PC: That’s how it works

You want to listen to music or gamble on a PC or laptop, but do not bother anyone?Then just connect your Bluetooth headphones to the PC. We’ll show you how it works.

Bluetooth headphones are a fine thing: Thanks to wireless connection, no cables are in the way and you can not only listen to your music undisturbed with your smartphone, but also on a PC or laptop or turn up the volume while gambling. So that the connection works well, we have put together a few tips for you – we refer to the Windows versions 7 and 10, but also in Windows 8, the connection works the same way.

Turn on Bluetooth

First, you should check whether the Bluetooth function is activated on your PC or laptop. You can easily check this in the Windows settings under the item “Devices”. If necessary, turn on Bluetooth. If the mainboard of your computer is not yet equipped with Bluetooth, we recommend that you buy a so-called Bluetooth dongle . It is easily connected via a free USB port.

Make the device recognizable

To make sure your PC or laptop also recognizes the Bluetooth headset, you need to make the headset recognizable. To do this, you press the corresponding button on your headphones or on the cable. Further information can be found in the instructions for use of your headphones.

Pair headphones with the PC

Now you can under the point “Bluetooth and other devices” (this can be found next to or under the item “devices”) to add a new device. Windows then automatically searches for all nearby devices whose Bluetoothis turned on. Your headphones should appear in the list as well. Select these and wait a few seconds. Now they should be connected to the PC or laptop. Many headphones also emit a short tone as soon as they are successfully paired. Normally your headphones will be found again and again, as soon as you activate Bluetooth on your computer – so you do not have to pair the device each time anew. If you have problems with the connection, so please look again in the instructions for use of your headphones or contact the Windows support.

You are probably used to connecting your headphones or wireless headphones to your smartphone. Now, would you like to pair them to a PC? To learn how to do it follow our tutorial, in which we use Windows 10.

Connect a Bluetooth headset to a PC

Three steps are enough to connect a Bluetooth headset to a PC, here they are:

  1. The first thing you need to do is make sure your headphones are turned on so that they are detectable by your computer.

  2. On your PC, go to the Start Menu , follow the path:  Settings → Devices → Bluetooth devices and others , finally enable Bluetooth . 

    Be aware that you can also enable this connection from the notification center (from the taskbar, go to Notification Center, and select Bluetooth).

  3. In the list, select your Bluetooth headset or headset.

Note: You may not see the Bluetooth feature, it may indicate that your PC does not have it. To be clear, do not hesitate to follow our tutorial: How to know if your PC is equipped with Bluetooth?

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