How to reset Bluetooth Headphones

What if the Bluetooth connection does not work?

Here and there it happens that a device simply can not be connected anymore.

The typical solution for most technical ailments: just turn it off and on again.

Pair again

For Bluetooth connections that means: reconnect. Do you have a display device (smartphone, PC, TV, …) goes like this:

  1. Open the Bluetooth menu and remove the device you want to pair again from the list of known devices
  2. Put the other device in pairing mode and pair again

If both devices are screenless , simply enable pairing mode in both and let them find each other.

This fixes 99% of all Bluetooth connectivity issues. Most often I have to use this trick on keyboards. But even one or the other stuck headphone connection I could reset so.


  • Depending on the BLUETOOTH receiver, the volume level may not be adjustable.
  • When [ Bluetooth ] is selected as the input, [ Bluetooth Mode ] can not be set to [ Transmitter ].
  • You can register up to 9 sets of BLUETOOTH receivers. When a 10th set of BLUETOOTH receivers is registered, the longest disconnected BLUETOOTH receiver is replaced with the new one.
  • This receiver can display up to 15 recognized BLUETOOTH receivers in the [ Device List ].
  • You can not change the sound effects and settings in the options menu while sound is being transferred.
  • Some content can not be output due to copyright.
  • The sound output from the BLUETOOTH receiver may be delayed due to the characteristics of BLUETOOTH wireless technology over that of this receiver.
  • There is no sound from the speakers or HDMI OUT jacks when a BLUETOOTH receiver is successfully connected to this receiver.
  • The [ Bluetooth ] and the “Home Theater Control” functions are disabled when [ Bluetooth Mode ] is set to [ Transmitter ].
  • This receiver does not support NFC connection with a BLUETOOTH receiver.


  • You can enable or disable the reception of AAC or LDAC audio from the BLUETOOTH device.
  • You can also switch [ Bluetooth Mode ] using BLUETOOTH RX / TX on the remote control.
  • If the BLUETOOTH device in step 3 is the last connected device, you can automatically connect to this receiver by pressing BLUETOOTH RX / TX on the remote control. In this case step 4 is not necessary.

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